Name: Wishter
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thoughts + changelog !

25/02/24Ghost pokemon page in pokemon section. im in a pokemon mood can you tell

24/02/24Happy almost pokemon day everyone !!! I'll cry if we get Johto remakes

Small update... added more sites + added a place for webrings and stuff (its a bit empty but hopefully not for long >:D)The vocaloid one got moved over there

+Working on stuff in background... hehe ...

22/02/24Custom cursor images are just Not Working for me. Unfortunate. Don't know how I got one working on half of my pokemon section and nowhere else orz

added vocaloid webring (yippee!!) redone games page, added the beginning animal crossing project, + some small pokemon stuff

19/02/24Ough i've been sittin at the computer all day poking at this... whoops TwT

added some links (including other neocities pages) + fixed the pokemon area a bit...

17/02/24New years resolution is to update this thing more than once every 5 months LMAO

Added a collections page of stuff I have irl, moved the nav around since I was running out of space

24/09/23(eggman voice) I'M BACK IN THE FUCKING BUILDING AGAIN!!!

Added: Game page (hopefully ??!) Starting with Pokemon

06/05/23I love creating I love thinking of ideas and seeing them come to life!!! I hate how long it is this man has 0 patience.

04/05/23Images page up and working... I Think ! (i hope)

01/05/23 Boy!! This is hard!!! Mainframe for website complete (for now i guess???) (@_@)

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