Hello!!! Welcome to a small section of my site dedicated to Ghost Pokémon and everything surrounding them!

Why ghost types?

I think when I was younger, I would've said one of the cooler types would be my favourite (especially dark and fire, they seemed so badass and I always had a soft spot for 'emo' stuff) but I've quickly become attached to ghost types in the past few years. I think I found myself relating a lot to the lonely, almost misunderstood nature that a lot of ghost types have, and I'm never going to say no to a good purple 'mon. I've always preferred the night over the day, and that's where ghost types fit best. Allister from Sword/Shield was the main nail in the coffin, I see a lot of myself when I was younger in him, and I have a hoodie based off his gym uniform irl :3 Ghost types are just so cool !!! At some point, I want to try getting a shiny living dex of all the ghost mons out there.

Ghost Pokémon