This LOOKS like we're still in fucking 2009, but I think its super easy to navigate and use. 100% the site I generally use the most, especially surrounding in game information.


Has the reverse issue as serebii tbh, looks too clean and modern so I cant find where anything is fucking supposed to be. Still, its handy for information outside of the games and I like using it for official art.

Pokemon Database

My favourite one aesthetic wise! I like using it for finding specific sprites of pokemon, and it has a text generator where it lists off all the Pokemon! ('Cause why not!)

Pokemon Dungeon

I don't use this one often, and for some reaason the main page has a bunch of links to gambling sites? But! I think its a super cool and easy resource for high quality scans and official art, so I've linked to that page! I'd throw on an adblock just incase.


Cool information site of everything with the Pokemon themselves! 100% use this site if you want sprites from ANY game (as long as they aren't on the switch) its so easy to find stuff its unreal. Pokemon Gen 5 sprites my beloved.

Mystery Dungeon sprites

Pretty neat place with most of the sprites from the old Mystery dungeon games. And newer generations have fan made sprites, neat!


Woah!! Paper crafts that i can make of most pokemon??? don't mind if i do!!! Unfortunately seems to have stopped updating as of Feb 2022 :[