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I fucking love voltorb flip

Pokemon Showdown

The one everyone knows. I never use it because battling is probably my least favourite thing to do in the games, but this is your one stop shop for all your battling needs! Also has a pretty cool damage calculator!

PokeFarm Q

A collect-them-all style game where the main game mechanics are ... clicking and waiting! (no auto clicker allowed) If you're aware of the old fourm style eggs where you let other people click your eggs to hatch a creature, it works like that! The game has its own style of shinies called 'albino' and 'melanistic' Pokemon and its own exclusive Fakemon and Pokemon varients, so theres definitely a ton of you to try to get. It has a ton more but theres no point in me sitting trying to explain it all. I sit on this one the most, heres my profile link :)

Pokemon Mystery Universe

I've only started playing this one recently, but its super fun. A downloadable MMO Mystery dungeon game that isn't locked behind story and has playable characters up to gen 7? Sign me up! It has its own wiki too, so you can never get too lost.


A browser idle style clicker game where you progress through the story, go around the regions and collect all the mons! (auto clicker allowed, and even suggested past a certain point! Hurrah!) This one is fun to have sit in the background, but you might want to get a show or something to watch with it because you really do need an autoclicker to progress anywhere past Hoenn.

Pokemon Eclipse

The one I play the least, but still pop on every so often. Another clicking game with no autoclickers allowed, but its filled with custom varients of Pokemon, so its fun seeing them all :']