I think each little "shrine" should almost be an art project, of sorts. Its one thing to explain a game franchise, where it came from, how it came about yadda yadda, but what's the point of a shrine if half of what you say can just be found on a Wikipedia or Fandom page?

Pokemon obviously isn't a small or niche franchise, with hundreds if not thousands of fan resources, projects or games out there for it. So I think its a litte deserving of a personal collection of my favourite resources, personal collections and what have you (mostly for my own keeping)

Pokemon is like. One of the big main things I've liked since. Well. Forever! It and Animal Crossing have been the 2 big things I've been into for my whole life, so I know... a lot to do with it. Too much. I could talk about it for ages so... heres just a quick overview.

Favourite Pokemon: Pumpkaboo, Solosis, Riolu and Sylveon! (no particular order)

Favourite game(s): Heart Gold+Soul Silver / X+Y

Favourite region: Johto

Favourite type: Ghost!! (Obviously...)

Favourite starter: Cyndaquil